Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who Loves Money Scam?

Is Who Loves Money another IM scam?

With all the hoopla and promotion surrounding the release of Who Loves Money it is quite natural to have your scam alert go off. You don't hear anything about this product called Who Loves Money and then out of nowhere everyone and their brother is talking about it. I'd be little skeptical as well.

After your scam alert has gone off you really want to know if this is the real deal. Is it worth whatever they are charging for it and can I make money. Or am I just going to get scammed and lose my money again just like the last ebook.

Well I don't have a lot of details yet about what is going to be included in the book, but I can tell you I'm willing to bet that its going to deliver.

How can I say that you ask? The answer is trust.

I trust Kyle and Caron, the creators of Who Loves Money because they have delivered in the past. They have created 3 stellar products that I have purchased, own and have helped me immensely.

The first was Beating Adwords a solid no fluff, kick butt and take names guide on the fundamentals of using google effectively as a traffic source for your marketing. Affiliate or otherwise.

They followed up with Inside the List another to the point,step by step guide for building and monetizing an opt in email list.

Finally, they outdid themselves with Wealthy Affiliate an ongoing support forum where marketers making real money come to share some of thier tastiest secrets. This isn't one of those pitch fest forums you see everywhere else. It's the real deal.

So back to the trust issue. If I didn't trust Carson and Kyle, I would be wary of Who Loves Money. But I do. I trust them with the information they provide and the way they treat their customers, and that is why I'm waiting with baited breath to see what
Who Loves Money has to offer.

Stay tuned for an in depth review.

Warm Regards and Profitable Marketing,


Monday, April 16, 2007

Just Another IM Ebook?

Who Loves Money will be released on May 1st. Like so many other prelaunches, it brings up more questions than answers.

You can keep up to date on the prelaunch at the official Who Loves Money site.

Will it live up to everyone's expectiations or will it die on the IM vine like so many others?

Stay tuned and get the latest official updates here. I'll post more updates as we get them.